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We provide superior policy and research-related services to a wide variety of clients including knowledge networks, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations and others. Our services fall into three categories: policy analysis, research, and knowledge exchange.

Public Policy Analysis

Our policy-related work centres on one word: relevance. We have over ten years of experience designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting policy analyses on matters ranging from addictions, to corrections to the environment. As a result of this rich and varied work experience, we have honed our ability to identify policy-relevant information and apply thoughtful analyses to better enable evidence-informed decision making. Our policy-related services include:

    • Strategy Development
    • Policy Assessment and Evaluation
    • Environmental Scans
    • Decision Support Analysis
    • Legislative Briefs
    • Policy Background Papers

For examples of our public policy related work see our portfolio page.


We view careful research as the cornerstone to good decision making. We have expertise in a variety of research methods (both quantitative and qualitative) which allows us to better align our study methods with your research questions. Our research services include:

    • Key Informant Interviews
    • Survey Design and Analysis
    • Research Project Design, Planning and Management
    • Program Conception, Design and Evaluation
    • Literature Reviews/Evidence Summaries
    • Analysis of Epidemiological Data
    • Data Integration and Synthesis
    • Research Papers

For examples of our research related work see our portfolio page.

Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange is an integral part of making research relevant to real life. By combining careful research with skillful knowledge management practices, we enhance productive dialogue between those who create research and those who use it in order to facilitate effective responses to today's most pressing social issues. Our knowledge exchange services include:

    • Public Presentations & Workshops
    • Plain Language Research Summaries
    • Knowledge Synthesis Reports
    • Technical Assistance and Training
    • Evidence-informed Social Commentary
    • Discussion Documents
    • Media Engagement
    • Advocacy
    • Motivational Speaking

For examples of our public policy related work see our portfolio page.